Hermitage Paltinis - details and images

Paltinis resort situated at the entrance, at an altitude of 1,350 meters, Hermitage with its church, dedicated to having "The Changing Face of the Lord" is one of the most picturesque places even assaulted by tourists. In fact that place of worship, where the Revolution have officiated over 100 weddings and 50 baptisms religious, is a small wooden church built by Metropolitan Nicolae Balan, around 1930, recently painted, and which includes an rest home for the employees of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Hermitage imitate the style of old Transylvanian church, was covered with shingle as other buildings nearby annex. Here, prayers are held daily, and every Sunday to officiate the Divine Liturgy. Church of the Hermitage, built by a group of artisans have a Răşinari iconostasis made between 1944-1945 by Constantin Vasile, neo-Byzantine style. St. altar and iconostasis were executed Style Autonomous Society in Bucharest.
Fresco, wrapping the inside of the church is small Preotescu Ovid's work, while painting the iconostasis was made by Nicolae Vasilescu, in 1944.

Among the valuables are kept in the church Saint Parascheva icon, painted around 1904, and a Psalter, dating from the same period about the beginning of the twentieth century. Most precious treasure of abode is but one piece of wood from the Holy Cross on which Christ was crucified Savior. This hermitage was donated by the current Bishop of Transylvania, Eminence Streza Lawrence, in 2006, was removed to the worship of believers, especially church feast day on August 6 each year. Piece of wood that was brought by pilgrims, a thousand years ago at St. Gertrudis of the Netherlands and was part of the hoard of relics of the Catholic Church.
Towards the end of 2004, priests who donated the relic in Poiana Mărului Monastery, where he was metropolitan of Transylvania current pontiff. Bell hermitage is built to the highest plateau near the church, where high and a grove of trees. The bell tower of fir wood, are two bronze bells, cast by ex-Kantz Schact factory in 1927.

In August 1975, during the Metropolitan Nicolae Mladin, have begun restoration works at the hermitage church, pursued since 1982 under the direction and supervision of Dr. Anthony Plamadeala Metropolitan of Transylvania, in whose custody the necessary works have been funded. Near the convent and is buried Paltinis Noica Roman philosopher, who lived between 1909 and 1987. Later years were spent in this quiet place in the heart of nature.

Besides grave philosopher, pilgrims can visit the "Memorial House Noica, Roman philosopher and the place where he lived the last years of life. This is one of the first sights of the resort Paltinis.

One of those who have had the chance to know him is the great philosopher and father of current Paltinis Hermitage - Father Valeriu - which Noica confessed faith in God, in 1987, before his death.
The church held Paltinis daily prayers and the Divine Liturgy is held every Sunday. Life at the Hermitage Paltinis now is not easy, but in the early monks worked in the woods with oxen-drawn, and winter resort for tourists were making envelopes.

Jobs are advertised through the second chop, a different metal and wood.

9:00 to 10:30 - Matins and Akathist
- Sunday and holidays, it commits to further Matins Divine Liturgy
6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. - Vespers

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