Hermitage Straja - details and images

At Chalet Straja Montana, in 1996, someone has ignited a light bulb in a room, the bulb was burned, and flame filament made of a cross printed on the glass bulb. The bulb was broken by one of the tourists, but at some time, the second such incident took place, another cross appearing on another light bulb. This bulb can be seen at the hermitage. The man took the second bulb and went to Lainici Monastery Abbot, who advised him to make a cross. As Cross was built in October 1996, in memory of Romanian soldiers who died in Jiu in the battles of World War I, but also in memory of tourists who have lost their lives in the area.

Immediately after the construction of the cross EM Lupeni, the initiator of this project, Mr. Emil Parau, decided together with the Diocese of Arad, near the Hermitage to rise a cross, bringing reverence to the site. Since 2006, the Hermitage Straja entrance is through a tunnel 50 meters long, which has painted on the walls the church calendar in its entirety and scenes from the Old and New Testament.

Each year, Good Friday of Easter celebrations, takes place''Straja Cross Road.''

From 1999 people recover the path traveled by the Saviour Jesus Christ, with the 14 stops on a route of 10 km. Every one of them is a relief scene that symbolizes the Savior's stops on its way to Mount Calvary. At every relief, the group of priests who participate in the procession stops to pray, read the 12 Gospels of Holy Book. Every year, about 4,000 people and 20 priests are participating in the procession Straja Cross Road, leading a cross on their shoulders, carved with images of the 14 stops, having embedded in it a piece of holy wood of the cross worn by Christ. Cross weighs 100 kg, 4.40 m long and 2.20 m in width, it guards the altar Hermitage for a year, then - next year, again on Good Friday - is lowered into the Cemetery of Heroes then returned to Straja.

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