Heroes Cross on Mount Caraiman - details and images

Largest and most valuable monument of the city Logs, unique in the country, is Cross fallen heroes on the battlefield for unifying the nation. It was built between 1926-1927 by Her Majesty Queen Mary and placed on Caraiman mountain saddle at 2291 m. listing

Cross is made of steel sections, placed on a concrete base, and inside it was a room that originally housed dynamo electric generator which supplied the 300 bulbs of 500 watts each. The dimensions are impressive monument with a height of 48 m (with all the socket) and width of 14 m.

At first lighting of the monument was made using a power generator (located in the concrete cap) and 120 bulbs of 500 W. In 1939, Cross was connected to the national energy system. Been dropped as the generator as light source and was used which was equipped with power station complex at Costila (2487 m), the link being made through an underground cable. Until the communist regime in 1948, Cross was lit on the night of St. Mary Major (August 15), and the Ascension (feast with variable time, 40 days after the Resurrection), when is Heroes Day.

During the communist regime, the monument was threatened with mutilation, a primary obedient regime willing to cut off arms and head of the column left to mount a red star. [1]

Until 1989 it held an electric cable, and in 1990 finished the wiring installed by the City of Logs effort, the residents and commercial companies, Cross was again illuminated. Electrical installation has been vandalized repeatedly over the years by some tourists who were climbing on the Cross and broke the bulbs.

In 2003, the facility failed cross light. To repair the electrical installation, mountain rescue teams who worked were forced to carry the mountain top one hundred kilograms of material, despite the wind and extremely low temperatures. Salvamontiştii have replaced dozens of bulbs that are no longer operating, the facility was called into service in December 2004 and connected to city electricity Logs.

The monument is currently the City Council administration Logs. Today, with dark, Cross on Caraiman is illuminated by 300 bulbs of 500 watts each and can be seen by tens of kilometers away in the Prahova Valley.

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