Hohe Tauern National Park - details and images

Keep nature in the middle of the Austrian Alps

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, Hohe Tauern National Park provides a protected habitat for endangered animal and plant species. On a stretch of some 1800 km2, Hohe Tauern National Park is the second largest sanctuary in Europe. This is a place where you can experience nature in terms of its most beautiful: Austria to the highest mountain peaks and largest glaciers, alpine meadows dotted with colorful flowers, majestic cliffs and refreshing waterfalls. A centuries-old landscape and cultural landscape formed by ice ages and the powers of the seasons, all just waiting to be during summer vacation Gastein Valley in Austria!

Grossglockner - Austria's highest mountain with a height of 3798 meters high - is waiting. At its feet is the longest glacier in Austria language, "Pasterze. Via-Grossglockner Alpine Road, you can easily reach this unique and truly breathtaking scenery of the mountain.

Ibex goats, bearded vultures, marmots and many others, here you can enjoy life-giving sun on hot plate, as well as rocky peaks.

Alpine pastures and hay harvesting regular mountain led to a community rich in species of animals and plants, and a landscape that is quite unique. This is a place you finger on the pulse of nature.

Do you remember, the earth beneath the feet warm, the grass tickle your toes, wind in hair and bells ringing in the ears? Feeling your hands dipped in cold water of a mountain spring, drink pure water direct from the source, the smell of fresh milk, came straight from the cow, the sound of the crunchy crust of bread fresh and fragrant, beautiful peaks of the Austrian Alps in sight? Experience the sensation, and even more, in a summer spent in the Gastein Valley! Do you and your family a gift and live with a memorable stay.

Conquer the nearby mountain peaks through the 350 km of hiking on marked roads or climbing the highest peak in the Alps under the guidance of the Gastein mountain companions. Hohe Tauern National Park is a real treasure for fans of Austrian Alps landscape! Let the fresh mountain air to awaken your appetite and taste of homemade goodies prepared băciţe one of the 55 sheep in Gastein, open from June until late autumn months. Families will especially appreciate sheepfolds with facilities for children, which can be easily reached and with the lifts in Gastein and club program for children ranging from "Pong." With your mountain bike or hiking can be relaxing for families or go on demanding routes suitable for mountainbiking enthusiasts! If your passion is golf, you have the opportunity to improve your handicap on one of the many courses in the region. Maybe you want to try and draw a bow or a game of tennis? Whatever you do, one thing is clear: Get the full of the best days of the year, your summer vacation in Gastein in Salzburg region!

As the summer draws to a close, comes to harvest time festivities! Tradition and customs give you a vivid picture of peasant life in the Gastein valley. Many events occur during this time of year special.

Hotels and other accommodations have a full Gastein for families, sports enthusiasts, amateurs and relaxing vacations and romantic treatment. Experience days incomparable and unforgettable holiday in the Alps in the Gastein valley's natural.

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