Horezu Monastery - details and images

Horezu Monastery (Hurezi) was founded by Constantin Brancoveanu year 1690-1697. Among the historical monasteries, monastery Hurezi is considered as the most representative complex architecture style defining Brancoveanu. Fact is the vast array of narthex, a veritable portrait gallery of great artistic value, representing the Constantin Brancoveanu with his family in the face of Mrs. Mary distinguished also by its direct ancestors and relatives of Bessarabia and the Cantacuzino family. Monastery church was meant to become family cemetery Brancoveanului and nation. The rich dowry of the library gathered there viesuitori founder and scribes, learning Gr A. Tocilescu found and built in 1885, the National Museum, 38 393 manuscripts and printed books in different languages. Here are preserved the famous calendars Brancoveanu the years 1693, 1695, 1701 and 1703, and a nice diptych. St. John has worked at the hermitage and a copyist of manuscripts school. Legend has it that the Turks fear, artisans worked only at night when singing huhurezii hence draw and name of the monastery.

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