House of Mozart - Salzburg - details and images

Museum located in the house where Mozart was born hosting some important pieces such as Mozart's childhood violin used on small time Mozart violin to concert, harpsichord, portraits, letters and other items that belonged to Mozart family. Some famous paintings are also exhibited here such as "Mozart on the piano," an unfinished painting or brother Joseph Lange.

Another room is entirely dedicated to Mozart's works and the important place they occupy in the history of the museum muzicii.Partea rear overlooks the University of Salzburg and the market does not hosted any member of the Mozart family. There was Mozart's neighbors apartment that was bought by the International Mozart Foundation in 1981 to recreate how the museum was living a middle class family in the 18th century.

Fiinteaza Mozart Museum since 1880, when the International Mozart Foundation, inaugurated and opened to the public. Today is one of the main attractions of the city attracting thousands of tourists to Salzburg's old city center. The building that houses the museum itself is called "Hagenauerhaus, taking their name from the owner and family friend Mozart, Johann Lorenz Hagenauer.

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