Hunting Posada Museum - details and images

Hunting Museum in Posada Inauguration resume in 1996, the bill thread hunter museum tradition in Romania.
Hunting Museum in Posada put in a proper light exhibits many of the hunting bill, the impressive collection of trophies from works of art, hunting and weapons-specific characteristic of different stages of human evolution. Genuine art galleries, museum galleries so impressed by the number of exhibits, and the distinct personality of each piece, from branches of ebony and ivory horns and fallow deer common to the vast array of crooked daggers or razor harmony, contrast and color rich perlajul of deer antlers. Among predators, wolf fur is remarkable, laughter, wild cat, and most of all, a bear, a mirror of the most vigorous and more numerous populations of these species.

La Posada Museum, finds expression superlative hunting area, the transfiguration of Romanian game amount aesthetic and cultural dimension in genuine emotion.

Hunting Museum, therefore, is a place worth seeing is part of the cultural heritage of the lands mioritical having unquestionable value because it proposes the collection to visitors. Length of visit is worth about one hour and rise to interrupt the (sometimes very crowded) to the ski slopes 60 minutes in another world.

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