Hut Ion Creanga - Iasi - details and images

Ion Creanga's hut was inaugurated as a museum on April 15, 1918 becoming one of the 12 objectives that comprise the Romanian Literature Museum and the first memorial house in Romania. The man who sinned by going to the theater, and tail-tunzandu diaconiceasca and crows after firing gun in the churchyard in Targu Cucu Golia has lived here the last years of life (1872-1889).

House built before 1850 in Valley Wailing, Ticau neighborhood, one lane "full of mud when they are large and long rains, and called rotten, and the dust drought moaned the dance" is a typical peasant, modest, with veranda, two closet and four cross-shaped windows. In Ticau neighborhood at the hut rolls poet moves with her son Constantine for 12 years after her divorce from Ileana.

Plan "bojdeucii" tripartite structure reminiscent of the traditional Romanian home, including a porch in the middle, and the rooms located on either side of it. In this case, the two rooms are positioned right and left tend to lead a secret somewhere in the back of the house to the porch where, watching "the sky full of wonders, her story Eminescu Creanga" so many beautiful things " .
Near the hut a large building houses a library and a documentary exhibition illustrating his life Creanga way: school, priest, teacher, writer, and magazine collection "Literary Talks".

Organizes four annual holidays: January 2 - the day of burial, March 1 - which celebrates birthday with an event that bears the name "the hut of Ticau Martisoare, April 14 to 15 days Bojdeucii - inauguration of the first literary memorial museum in Romania , December 31-day death, "Carols in the hut."
Today in the hut tourists from all over the world to breathe the air of bittersweet "memories"

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