Iadolina Waterfall - Stana de Vale - details and images

Iadolina Falls is located below the road on the left side of the road, about 6km from the lake bottom. Anything above, all the left side appears another called Bridal Veil Falls.

The accessible offers tourists a great view of the loss of water through huge rocks torn from the mountain. Hell Valley waterfalls and still performs under the waterfall Iadolina, but they can only see the top safely.

Access to Iadolina Falls is on a forest road and trail Iadu, having as support a rope secured to the wall of rock metal. Beautiful waterfall in several steps annually attracts thousands of tourists.

At one hundred meters upstream from the Bridal Veil Falls, marking the blue dot coming from Stana de Vale left the road and climb up the steep slope left Saritoarea Iedutului Falls (15-20min).

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