Iasi Botanic Garden - details and images

With an area of 105 hectares shines through the crowd Botanical Garden plant species present here, organized into 12 sections.
Systematic sector includes species endangered or rare. A Moldovan-style fountain, a pool with aquatic plants and statues of three former executives to join systematically sector.

Sector "Flora and vegetation of Romania" floor vegetation plays in Romania. Play in small artificial lakes, the wonderful Danube Delta, with white lilies, reeds and reed beds, sand sedge.
Ornamental sector includes 2200 taxa in individual pieces, decorative plants, herbaceous and woody. In memory of Director A. Fatu find here or created by Eftimie Barleanu bust. Here spring blooming snowdrops, viorelele, yellow crocuses, toporasii, peony, gladiolele. Autumn is an original exhibition held here a chrysanthemum grown in the Cascades, pyramid, tree, bush. There's also a section for the blind in Braille.
In the "Dentrological" meet two springs of mineral water: spring no. 3 "Amphitheater" May the source, "Ruin", and a nursery, a collection of lilacs, poplars, black locust, oaks.

Flora world 's famous American plants by S, N, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean region, Siberia, Central Europe.
The complex consists of 12 greenhouses greenhouses each with its unique style: Mediterranean plants, tropical, subtropical (collections of cacti), decoration (azelee 36 varieties, chrysanthemums, 469 varieties)
Nobles 800 varieties of roses that make up a unique exhibition in Iasi we meet in the Rosary.

Recreational sector overlook the vineyards "Copou Vineyard, Agricultural University orchards, to the church, the lake.
The exhibition takes place February azaleas, spring brings the roses and the U.S. exhibition in October, when the chestnut trees are shedding occurs frunzaris chrysanthemum exhibition called "Flowers of Autumn."

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