International Airport Baia Mare - details and images

Baia Mare Airport was established on its present site in 1964, when he began building concrete runway. It is noted that the first landing of an aircraft in this region took place in 1929, on that plane belonging to Air Force Guard Flotilla Someseni Cluj, being the Queen Mary.

Since 1966, the short and medium aircraft curia, were operated on with concrete runway length of 1,400 m. Between November 1977 and June 1979, concrete runway was extended to the current length of 1800 m and width 30 m (plus shoulders of concrete of 7.5 m on each side of the track).

Baia Mare airport currently has the status of independent director with special specific, subordinate Maramures County Council. It is located in the commune Tautii Magheraus, 10 km from Baia Mare, its geographical position, relative to the center of the runway is 23 ° 28 '04''east longitude, 47 ° 39' 30''north latitude, 180 m above sea level.

Airport activity is performed according to Romanian Air Code, agreements and conventions Oraganizatiei International Civil Aviation, to which Romania is a member. Baia Mare Airport is the institution that manages and coordinates the entire activity of air traffic in the area of responsibility of the airport passenger and cargo, in complete security.

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