International Airport - Traian Vuia - details and images

International Airport "Traian Vuia Timisoara (IATA: TSR) is the third largest airport in Romania, where airports" Henri Coanda "and" Aurel Vlaicu "University of Bucharest, and serves a population of 2.5 million inhabitants. Starting January 6, 2003, the airport Romanian inventor Traian Vuia named, born in Timis county. It is considered the reserve airport for Bucharest (OTP), Budapest and Belgrade, and most important airport in DKMT Euroregion.

The airport is situated 12 km north-east of the city center. Access by car is getting out of town to Lugoj, European road E70, which bifurcates to the left (in a roundabout), signposted road to the airport. There are also daily, hourly, 4 Express bus, which leaves right from the city (Bastion) and the final destination is the international airport. For those coming from the north of the country and want to avoid the city of Timisoara to access Terminal Services can take the bypass belt (NE) where everything is a roundabout way to connect with the airport. Two daily flights minibus, organized by the airline Carpatair, linking the city of Arad and Timisoara airport.

Terminal 1 (domestic)
It is the oldest of the airport terminal, built in 1964 and modernized in 2002. It has smaller, but to be increased by the end of 2010, the inauguration of the building, thus becoming, for departures terminal non-Schengen flights, with a projected annual traffic of 180,000 passengers. Currently operating as a terminal for domestic flights and has a processing capacity of 500 passengers per hour and three boarding gates. Hence airlines operate mostly Romanian.

Terminal 2 was inaugurated in 1980, then expanded and modernized in 2004. It is the largest airport terminal, with a processing capacity of 800 passengers per hour and the new boarding gates. While the terminal is operating on most companies and terminal with the largest variety of passengers (in terms of ethnic composition). Flights in the air station is only the international regime.

Terminal 3 (transit)
It is the newest and most modern airport terminal, opened in late 2007 after an investment of 50 million euros. It is a terminal for passengers expressly Carpatair and Moldavian Airlines, which is in transit at the airport in Timisoara, a place where companies have made their hub. Thus, the six gate passenger terminal's pass only two companies.

Civilian airlines operate from this airport: Austrian Airlines (Q400/300): 26 flights per week (round trip); Carpatair (Hub) (F100/F70/SB20): 260 flights per week (round trip) ; Lufthansa (CRJ700/900): 42 flights per week (round trip), Moldavian Airlines (Hub) (F100/SB20): 12 flights per week (round trip), Tarom (City Focus) (A318/310 / B737/ATR42): 56 flights per week (round trip), Wizz Air (Base) (A320): 48 flights per week (round trip), KLM Airlines - code-share, United Airlines - code-share.

Cargo airlines that operate from this airport: ABC Air Hungary (-E Let L-410UVP Turbolet) Aero Services Direct (SB34F) Bridges (SB34F) Farnair (Beech 1900C) Tarom Cargo

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