Ioan Stan Patras Memorial House - details and images

House Ioan Patras Stan's memorial is a building located about 200 m from Sapanta Merry Cemetery, on a side street.

It consists of a two-room house and yard in which sculpture and painting studio of the artist but also made it crosses.

Inside the museum you can admire the costumes Sapanta specific area, handicrafts (rugs, carpets, pots of clay, icons, made of wood tabouri Ioan Stan Patras) and pictures of his family.

His successor, Dumitru Pop, chose to live in the house master, he is one who maintains it as both workshop and a museum.

Ioan Patras Stan was born in 1908 in the village Sapanta Maramures county, in an ordinary family with decorative woodworking. Patras was still attracted youthful wood sculpture, painting and poetry forged by the canons of popular art. He began to carve crosses oak at 14 years.

In 1935, Ioan Patras Stan, then an anonymous sculptor in wood, began to settle on some crosses and inscriptions in the form of short poems written in first person: epitaphs ironic, silly, often with grammatical mistakes and very close archaic dialect. At first, carved crosses around 10 a year, the material used is oak.

In 1936, he has perfected the style, the crosses became narrower and appeared in relief figures carved in vivid colors obtained from natural pigments.

Ioan Stan Patras complex was a folk artist, making a series of artistically crafted items: pegs, corner units, chairs, cabinets, Blidari, spoon and monumental works such as roadside crosses and gates. He has adorned his house with wood carvings, colorful. He passed away in 1977.

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