Ionian Islands - details and images

The Ionian Islands is an archipelago from the Ionian Sea, organized as one of the 13 regions of Greece, subdivided into 4 prefectures. The capital is the city of Corfu.
The Ionian Islands consist of seven main islands near the western coasts of Greece.

These islands are predominantly mountainous, with a mild and relatively humid climate. The vegetation is abundant, with forests. The main agricultural products are raisins, olives, grapes, cereals, fruits and vegetables. The main activities are fishing, shipbuilding and soap making.

The Ionian Islands form an administrative region of Greece that groups six of the main islands of the archipelago that give it its name: Corfu, Paxos, Itaca, Cephalonia, Leucada and Zante. Cythera Island, located south of the Peloponnese, is attached to the Attica outskirts.

This "periphery" is divided into four "regional units" corresponding to the old nome of Greece, prefectures:


List of the seven main islands from North to South
Corfu, having its headquarters in Corfu;
Itaca, having its residence at Vathy;
Leucada, having its headquarters in Lefkada;
Zakynthos, having its residence in Zakynthos;
Cythara, currently administratively attached to Piraeus (Attica).

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