Iron Gates Region Museum - details and images

In 1912 Professor Al. Barcacila founded "Traian High School Historical Museum, which will move into new building built in 1926 near the Roman camp, which from the beginning, building, shelter and had to be called a museum now and Ethnography Museum Turnu Severin.

After 1945 the museum grows and expands its important research area, is called the Iron Gates Region Museum. On May 15, 1972 the museum opened in its current form, having two sections: history and natural sciences, with an aquarium in which the Danubian fish species.

Subsequently sections were created and ethnographic art. Display pieces in the fields of natural sciences (fauna and flora, fauna Danube aquarium and exotic fish), history - documents, archaeological (including a lapidary era Romanian), numismatics, ethnography (port, pottery, weaving in the area), art Romanian (works Pallady Tonitza Petrascu, Luchian Sirato, Stoenescu Ressu, Iser).

Department of History and Archaeology is composed of nine rooms:
* Pre-history - archaeological material and spiritual life of the culture scaffold Cladovei
* Geto-Dacian civilization
* Dacian Wars
* Ancient Roman monuments (the early bridge at Drobeta 103-105)
* Spiritual Life Drobeta
* Medieval History
* Modern Age
* Romanian Medieval Art
* Age today.

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