Iza Valley - Barsana - details and images

In the heart of Maramures, Iza Valley, kept waiting for a story that defies human habitation during niciodata.Valea never tired Iza is one of the main axes used by tourists eager to visit the historical Maramures.

Iza River rises on the northwestern slope of Rodnei Mountains, about 1200 m altitude and has a pool of over 1300 km. On the way to cross the Tisza Maramures Depression direction southeast - northwest and having a narrow, sector (Surduc).

Iza Valley you can enjoy the picturesque scenery along the chain of settlements of the valley, each with a specific authentic Maramures, with carved doors, wooden churches and habitual costumes. Iza Valley are also a few monasteries, Barsana Monastery stands between them.

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