JERÓNIMOS MONASTERY - details and images

Jerónimos Monastery
Near the place where infant D. Henrique, in the middle of the century. XV, built a church to invoke St. Mary of Bethlehem, King Manuel I wanted to build a great monastery. In order to perpetuate Prince's memory, for his great devotion to the Mother of God and faith in St. Jerome, King Manuel I decided to find the Monastery in 1496. Maria de Belem, near the city of Lisbon, near the Tajo River. Donated to the monks of the Order of St. Jerome, is now commonly known as the Jeronimos Monastery.

The monastery is a cultural reference point that has not escaped artists, reporters and travelers during its five centuries of existence. It was the reception and funeral of kings, later poets. Today we are all admired, not only as a remarkable piece of architecture, but as an integral part of our culture and identity.

The Jeronimos Monastery was declared a national monument in 1907 and in 1983 UNESCO placed it as "The Whole Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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