Kilitbahir Castle - details and images

Kilitbahir Castle is a fortress on the west side of the Dardanelles, opposite the city of Çanakkale, where there is a fortress, from which Çanakkale takes its name. The two castles were built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1463 to control the straits at their narrowest point.
Located in the village of Kilitbahir in the Eceabat district, Kilitbahir Castle was built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452 to prevent the Crusade Marina from helping the Byzantine Empire during the siege of Constantinople (known as Istanbul today). The castle consists of a triangular tower, with 7 floors in the courtyard, the inner and outer walls of the city. The height of the outer walls of the city is 4 meters, the secondary secondary castle is 18 meters and the inner castle is 30 meters.
The Kiltbahir Castle, where the wall thickness is between 4-6 meters, also played a crucial role in the battle of Dardanelles.

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