Kornis Castle - details and images

Kornis Castle Monastery is located on the territory of the village, Cluj county and is registered in the list of Historic Monuments of Cluj county, prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs of Romania in 2004. The main building of the castle was built by Kristóf Keresztúri between 1573-1593 in Renaissance style. During all this time, the castle has always been filled with secondary buildings form a quadrilateral enclosure.

Once the property becomes Kornis family around the year 1673 Kornis Gáspár (1641-1683) built the Second floor of main building, on the southern side. His son, Zsigmond Kornis renovated castle in 1680. He repaired the castle, after it was damaged during the uprising in the early eighteenth century Courts, and in 1720 added two new octagonal bastions in the north, is restored at the entrance to the castle tower on the west side, who turn exists today. During this period takes place and redecorating the castle with frescoes on the ceilings of rooms. Works are restored wooden frames of the last floor and staircase are decorated with folk motifs and decorations made of volcanic tufa stone Dej.

In the Second World War part of the castle was destroyed and its collections were nationalized by the communists burned or stolen. Before destruction of the castle library containing over 9,000 volumes, consisting of collections of rare books. It was now destroyed and huge collection of natural history. The pavilions have gained silage destinations, home and school culture.

After 1944 it was rebuilt only a part of the masonry during 1975-1976, and Kornis chapel was taken over by the Orthodox church. There were no serious work of recovery but the castle and the area, reaching today the castle ruins. Castle remained known for statues of two unicorns who still guard the entrance. Entry to the castle and a bridge was suspended, the old, which was built during the night or in case of danger, parallel to the gate entrance framed by unicorns, unicorns appear and Kornis family crest.

Protector of the castle was the Mother of God, which is considered as one watched the unicorns. At the intersection of the diagonals octagonal enclosure is a fountain surrounded by pillars and circular arches. In the north-eastern areas there is a pavilion built in 1825, had its two sides with Doric columns.

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