Lake Cincis - Hunedoara - details and images

Cincis lake is located in Poiana Rusca Mountains, about 10 km from the city of Hunedoara, in a picturesque area of special that attracts thousands of tourists. Lake village site was arranged on Cincis, in 1962, when they were displaced over 800 families.

When water level is low, the dam can still be seen in the tail of the old church still remains, attested in 1360, which was swallowed by water. The city is located near the lake and the village Teliuc Cincis-Cerna.

Cincis Lake is an urban development area of 867 ha. It is hosted by a very picturesque and attracts many tourists. On its shores, there were many private houses and hotels there is accommodation and entertainment for everyone desire. Recognized as a recreational area searched by tourists, especially during the summer, Lake Cincis hides legends and stories told by locals with passion.

Mysterious and beautiful, this lake conquers you irreparably. Whether you want to get tan and bathing, or you want to catch or simply loafing nature Cincis Lake is an ideal place. It is located at about 10 kilometers from Hunedoara, pitit Poiana Rusca Mountains, surrounded by a lot of holiday homes and accommodation. The city is located near the lake and the village Teliuc Cincis-Cerna.

In the present lake existed (until 1954) a valuable church, a monument of particular importance for Romanian medieval art. Built in sec. XV, it present a rectangular plan with a polygonal apse unhooked, the shaft angle. Originally the ceiling, XVI, was covered with a semicircular arch with penetrations, decorated with late Gothic type ribs, crossed-shaped net, which can be added a longitudinal ridge rib (made in stucco). In 1645 Michael Hunedoara painter decorates a whole that had features of a Renaissance style. Repainted in the XVIII century and enlarged with a bell tower in 1867. Before demantelarii, murals were removed and placed in the castle of Hunedoara.

Cincis village dates from the 1300s, the name of the settlement was apparently given by the five guys who founded the village, making five homes here. There is a story that says that the five founders (grandfather, son and three grandchildren) were brave fighters, who have saved their king cup of Turks in a battle on the place now called Clearing Turk. As a result, they received in return plaiul Cincis. The fact that the lake waters have swallowed Cincis village, two churches - one of which was documentary certified in 1360 - and monastic cemeteries gave birth to anger the spirits of the dead legends that haunt the place. These stories told by locals as Lake Cincis made to gain the nickname of "Lake cursed."

Access road: about 13 km from the city of Hunedoara. The road starts in Hunedoara and almost everything around the lake. From railway station: the railway station and from there Hunedoara minibus / Toplita regular buses towards town.

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