Lake Kournas - details and images

The only freshwater lake in Crete, Lake Kournas, is relatively large, with a perimeter of 3.5 km. The lake was called Koresia after the ancient Korion, a city believed to be in the area with a temple of Athens. It is assumed that the lake was full of eels, but now it is best known for terrapins and tourism. In general, however, the lake retains its beauty, the White Mountains reflecting in the mirror-like waters. The width, at the point where the landing stage is built, is about 800 m, and the water is of a very good quality.
If you sit barefoot, in the water on the shore, the tiny fish want to clean the dead skin from their feet for free!
The shallow clear waters of the shore gradually darken towards the center of the lake, reaching a maximum depth of 22.5 meters. Look at the surface that reflects the surrounding greenery, a safe haven for birdlife in the area and protected by the Natura 2000 program.

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