Lake Petrimanu - details and images

Lake Petrimanu is located in Latoritei Petrimanu and was built in 1977, the lake waters of Lake satellite designed to enrich the otter. It is situated at an altitude of 1130 m, Latoritei Valley, 17 km of hydro Ciunget, with an area of 17 hectares and a maximum water depth of 48 m.

By car, follow the road leading from the Voineasa Brezoi and about 5 km after the city Malaia is one way left to Ciunget. The road is narrow, but it is not only reason for very low speed crawl. Landscape beauty and leaves you breathless wilderness and you want to confine your mind to pass along the beauty.

After vreo10 - 15 km, the road becomes very difficult, but the scenery is worthwhile. Petrimanu Once in, you can not regret the path very difficult, difficult road car, with eyes and dive into the fascinating colors of the lake. The view is almost mesmerizing, clear water, a very intense color, reflecting the deep green forests on the mountains surrounding the lake, creating an almost surreal landscape.

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