Lake Saint Ann - Harghita - details and images

St. Ana Lake is at an altitude of 946 m in volcanic crater Ciomatu.

The almost circular shape, similar to a palette of a painter, has a length of 620 m and a width of 460 m, an area of 19.50 hectares and a maximum depth of 7 m. The lake completes its water storm only, with no springs. Water purity is close to that of distilled water, with only 0.0029 ml mineral. In water there is no oxygen, which is why in it does not live any creature. Trophic lake water capacity is low due to the fumes mofette the crater walls and bottom of the lake.

Lake Saint Anne age has not been determined accurately. Palynological studies, concerning the study of pollen and spores, concluded that the history of Lake St. Ann would have begun around 9800-8800 years ago, the stage of peat and shallow lake. There followed a period of continuous accumulation of rainwater and increased the water level up to a maximum of 12 meters, 2,700 - 700 years ago, when Lake St. Anne had a strong character oligotrophic. Latest measurements taken in 2005 showed a maximum depth of the lake is 6.4 m.

St. Ana Lake is fed solely by precipitation, therefore the degree of mineralization of water is extremely low. In winter, the lake is covered with a layer of ice up to 1 m.

Lake Saint Anne, is a complex natural, geological, flora and fauna, are linked by paths Tusnad interest.

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