Latoritei Gorge - details and images

Latoritei Gorge are located in the southern mountains in the north Latoritei of Skull Mountain, near the lake Petrimanu. Access is first on the road to Ciunget Brezoi leaves and then a paved road to the cabin Petrimanu.

Located at a distance of approx. 25 kms keys look reveals an unexpected wildness and beauty, while offering the possibility to cross the mountains by Step Curmatura Oltetului to get to the Cave Monastery here Polovragi and Woman's Cave.

Key length is about 5 km. Impressive walls bordering the valley are composed of crystalline rocks and granite.

The valley's main attractions are: Cascada hanged Water, Stone Fetii, lakes and Galbenu Petrimanu; Darcos Mill Falls, Lakes and Violeta Iezerul Latoritei; stone with holes.

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