Maramures Village Museum in Sighet - details and images

Located at the entrance of the town of Sighet on the road from Baia Mare, Maramures Village Museum to join in 1981, the Ethnographic Museum of Maramures as an open air section.

It was established as a conservation of monuments of architecture farmhouse, being the work of Mr Francis Nistor common and current director of the institution, Mr Michael Dancus.

The structure creates the impression of a typical village maramuresean.Uliţe right (major) and the crooked paths and "prilazuri" intimate structure of the settlement form and converge as in all the villages of Maramures, the church.

For homes on display in a museum carved by artisans to use the area, and illustrates the typical slave housing, Jewish, Hungarian, Romanian and German 17th and 18th centuries. They are kept in very good condition both inside and outside, along with the original reasons for the doors and inscriptions in Cyrillic and Arabic.

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