Margaret Island Budapest - details and images

Situated on the Danube, Margaret Island has a length of 2.5 km and is a sight that attracts many tourists. Circulation of motorized vehicles is prohibited on the island (except a single line of police buses and cars), and this seems to have been an extremely wise decision because the island of Margarita became the main place for entertainment in Budapest.

On the island there are thermal baths and an outdoor pool where professional polo team, Olympic champion, held their training. Also on the island and found a small zoo but ruins that dates back to the thirteenth century.

The beauty of the island is complemented by a Japanese garden where turtles are found basking in the sun and the summer can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. On the island of Margarita was arranged and a running track on the edges of five km long island.

If you visit this island you will find here some very nice restaurants as well as two luxury hotels with spa bath and a garden of roses. Both winter and especially summer you can enjoy the clean environment, free from traffic and rich in oxygen. Here is the largest fountain in Budapest. Every 30 minutes, the fountain offers very pleasant to listen to ambient music.

The island is connected to the Margaret Bridge on the south shore and the longest bridge in Budapest, Arpad Bridge to the north.

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