Massif Ceahlau - details and images

Ceahlău Massif mountains is one of the highest importance to tourism in the Eastern Carpathians. It is the highest in the Moldavian Carpathian Mountains group Bistrita-Transylvania, is also one of the most important mountain tourism in the Eastern Carpathians.

Ceahlău Massif is situated in Neamt County, within walking distance of the city and Lake Mountain Bicaz. Its highest peak is considered the top Ocolasul Mare, 1907 m, 1900 m peak Toaca measuring only

Mount Ceahlău was considered by the Dacians, as abode of the god Zamolxis. Is the ancestral name for Mountain Pawn Ceahlău or peon, a word derived from Greek and who, in translation, would mean "pole house". Today Ceahlău Massif is considered as the second holy mountain of Orthodox Christianity, as Mount Athos. Perhaps for these reasons, his name is common in Romanian literature, among the most remarkable pages were devoted to him were written by Calistrat Hogas, Vlachs and Sadoveanu Alexander.

Tourists enjoy the many hiking trails such as Bicazul Ardelean - Dochia by Red Lutu through the gutter edge, by Glade Mother, Durau - Fantanele Durau - Niagara Duruitoarea, Black - Dochia.

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