Matthias Church Budapest - details and images

Matthias Church is located in Buda and is one of the main attractions of the Hungarian capital. The church is built on the site of another church in the days of King Bela IV between 1255-1269. It was rebuilt several times. Parts of the church was enlarged and given polygon shape in the late fourteenth century. In the same period date and magnificent entry gate to the south, which has a bas-relief depicting the death of the Virgin Mary.

In 1309 Charles Robert of Anjou was crowned in this church and became King Charles I of Hungary. During the reign of King Matthias and was named after which he called the church, but the side chapels were added and an oratorio for the royal family, and the new tower of the church in the south. In this tower were sheltered arms of Matthias Corvinus, dating from 1470. Now, these weapons are inside the church.

In 1526 the building was destroyed by fire 15 years later was converted into a mosque. After the Turks were driven out by the Habsburgs, the Jesuits and their responsibility Coronation Church, as it is called and have renovated it in Baroque style. In 1867 Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife Elisabeth ("Sissi") rulers of Hungary were crowned here; Franz List of music composed for the coronation ceremony.

Bisrica was rebuilt in its current form between 1874 and 1896, Gothic style was chosen for reconstruction. At the end of the Second World War was seriously damaged but was restored with care, patience and hard work that lasted for years. A jewel of Gothic church is the door on the south facade depicting a Virgin Mary. On both sides of the entries I found the statue of King Stephen (Holy) and King Ladislas I.

Matthias church interior is decorated with various geometric and floral ornaments that recall the mosque that existed here in the past. The frescoes and stained glass windows dating from 1890, all from this period neo-Gothic altar.

In the church ecclesiastical art museum there. Visitors can enjoy a series of exhibits in the museum from the medieval crypt of St. Stephen to the Chapel, exhibits include replicas of the Royal Crown of Hungary, jewelry and a number of important medieval royal relics SARC.

Address: I. Szentháromság tér 2, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Bus: line 16 from Deák tér to Castle Hill.
Funicular: from Clark Ádám tér to Castle Hill
Hours: Daily from 9 am to 6 pm

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