Measles Cave Policyholder - details and images

Cave Measles policy is one of the most beautiful caves, being regarded as having the most diverse karst speleoteme in Romanian. It is a true natural museum, a relatively small length speleoteme alternately arranged full range of rigorous hands of a dogmatist as curator.

It belongs among the caves - fossils and contains galleries and theaters. The entrance is down a little until a bifurcated passageway speleotema vertical. The right side is steep and can be pierced only going down on a rope, thus leading to the east and west sectors. Here are some examples of accommodations:

- The Great Hall, located in the west, 23 meters long, with white calcite crystals on a red background, coral formations montmilch crystals of calcite stalagmites and tree diameter and height of 6 m 8 m to isolate them behind a short corridor and a closet with many concretions;
- White Hall, located in the west, which gets more than crawling through a gate about 80 cm. In this room there is a delightful waterfall montmilch, carved in exquisite microgururi called Bride's Bed;
- Swimming Hall - and she has a cascade of the same gender, 8 m long;
- Gallery Two nests Excentritelor eccentric concretions;
- Polaris Gallery, comprises a long hall and a narrow corridor, is the most complex in terms of existing concretions here: huge disks attached to the ceiling or wall, horizontal or oblique eccentric loaded with crystals, crystal maces.

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