Medias Fortress - details and images

Medias fortress, fortified place of worship was built in the early twelfth century, and three defensive walls, erected by order of Matthias Corvinus, probably between 1440 and 1534.

After construction, the enclosure around the church was called the "castle". Defense system in 1736 had three gates 4 large and 19 smaller towers, bastions. Following demolition twentieth century, the remaining 10 towers and fragments of the wall of defense. The main entrance to the castle one is a vaulted passage.

In the period 1495-1498 Medias is called "civitas." Officials then cannot decide Trumpeter tower with three levels (to rival Vienna's St. Stephen's Tower). This led to the height of 68.5 m. Because the soil structure is 2.28 m deviation from vertical is counted among the top 12 buildings of its kind in the world. The four corner towers of the city looked right to decide and enforce the death penalty. This right has been used at the stake burning of "witches" for the last time in 1752.

In order to stop the tilt, during 1927-1930 the tower was in a strait-laced belt concrete to a depth of 14 m. At that time it was replaced with another wooden statue of Turrepitz (Pete tower), which after watched 300 years of the city is exposed to the Municipal Museum. A new operation to strengthen, with 8m belt was carried out from 1976 to 1977.

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