Medieval Towers - Medias - details and images

Medieval towers are some of the most important objectives of the medieval fortress oras.Turnurile Tower Bells, Tailors Tower, Tower Goldsmiths, Forkesch Tower, Tower Funar Mary Tower, Tower Steingasser rotation and Tower, Tower Trumpet hide many stories.

Tower Pietrarilor required and delimit the territory of old town, guarded by a soldier to defend the borders. It was built in 1507, is a port of entry in Medias. Inside the tower, and took place once the masons and masons' guild activity. After almost five centuries Pietrarilor Tower retains the style, although the city has undergone many changes and modifications.

Forkesch Tower is a rectangular prism-shaped building finished with a pyramidal roof. It is located in the southern part of the old city, is one of the gates of the old Medias, he keeps the important aspect and that monumental edifice. It has been used over time as a museum.

Tower Goldsmiths, or Goldschmiedgasser Turm, was built in the sixteenth century Baroque Morii the canal that brings water from the brook Moşna Cold Spring in the city. Tower has shot holes in the top and shooting goals. On the southern front in a panel marked by two columns and two twin arches, it is recorded that in 1641 Martin Petri and Petri Michaelis craftsmen have finished renovating it.

Steingasser Tower, Tower gate of cobbled streets, was built between 1507-1534. It has two storeys and 25.8 m high and was put into care zidarilor.A masons and was severely damaged in 1705 by the armies curuti. At effectual repairs in 1745 within the world of metallic tower was submitted a document in which a senator of the city of Hannenheim Stephan Hann said: "faithless bunch of Racoţianilor he felt inhumanity, their anger on this faithful city, both citizens and on houses, walls and bastions of defense, but the tower rose from the ruins like the Phoenix reborn from its own ashes. "

Repairs have changed stylistic characteristics of the tower and reduced its role defensive.Caractetul Baroque recovery manifests itself by making a change of slope roof. Classical Drawing goals were replaced with key-shaped holes returned for firearms. Entry to the tower is via the pedestrian corridor to the east tower.

Wheelwrights Tower is a modest tower, built between 1480-1534. Drawing goals have been removed, and the tower now serves as a private dwelling.

Tower bells, or have a lattice cell tower gate, which could stop access to the city. Bells Tower is named for the floor adăpsteşte church bells, the oldest debossed 1449.

The tower is attached to the house Funar native of St.. L. Roth. This elegant tower has five floors, the connection between the first two levels is accomplished by a stone spiral ladder, very narrow and steep. The last level is equipped with built-throw holes over consoles. Following the disappearance of the guild members Funar the plague, in 1604 the Senate requested harness failure guild tower. In the nineteenth century it became the turn of the Saxon community where they store fat smoked bacon. Tower houses St. Margaret church archives, Bibles several hundred years old and dressed in leather or bark.

Tailors' Tower, the name comes from the guild in which care was given. Tailors' guild sign was placed on top of the tower. The last level of the building is provided with a series of shot holes, some fathomless bellows, available in the console, which threw projectiles, water or hot oil. The 1616 tower was partially embedded in the municipality building.

Mary's Tower is built over a cellar entrance and has a stirrup. The right side footpeg eastern tower is connected by an archway Sf.Margareta church. Beyond the massive safe door, with several bars are a cross-vaulted room. It has a mouth and a roof archers shooting for communicating with the cellar. It is assumed that the tower served as a chapel of Mary during the plague epidemics. It is said that after the adoption of the Lutheran religion tower was used as a torture chamber. The roof is shaped desk, whose embattled tower lighting at night gives a special charm.

Trumpet Tower is "brother" Tower of Pisa. From any part of town you look at today's urban landscape, from any direction you approach its doors at the former Tower Trumpet offers you slim and graceful silhouette glances. From the heights of the tower watchmen scanned horizons horizons, following the near enemy, whose presence in the fortress to trumpet news that keeps the museum fund. Ranked among the top ten inclined tower in the world, recalling the silhouette of the Tower of Pisa, covered with enameled tiles in different colors, Trumpet Tower fit harmoniously into the architectural structure of the Lutheran Church "St. Margaret".

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