Metropolitan Cathedral - Iasi - details and images

The cathedral was built on the site Stratená church, founded by his wife Gheorghe Duca, Nastasia. Prince left the throne, remained in disrepair for four decades. Its restoration began on 3 July 1833 at the urging of Metropolitan Veniamin Costache.
Shrine remained in ruins since the roof for many years and the great arch in the middle of the building collapsed and was left "like a table with legs up" or a "building with four hats."

Have technical leadership an "architectural" Iohan Freywald in Vienna, later helped his son Gustav Freywald.
The painting was done by renowned painter Gh and forms the architectural style is inspired by the late Italian Renaissance style, resembling to a great extent with the famous church of Trinita del Monte in Rome. The paintings suggest movement, life, monumental, with a warm color.
Founder wanting the church to be spacious and impressive interior space was achieved according to the canons of architectural attention without losing any Stratená former church whose existence is a plaque located in the brand new foundation. It would also take into consideration the great European cathedrals.When was completely built and covered, by 1839 the occurrence of cracks. To avert disaster, the architect suggested that instead of Iasi Singurov brick arch to build a wood, and build that in 1840.

Deterioration continues, but the Metropolitan Veniamin Costache withdraw from the chair and on 23 May 1857 disaster occurs, and demolishing the dome collapsing in the fall and columns inside.

Ruined, with its four towers left groin, remained deserted until 1880 when Bishop Joseph Naniescu cornerstone was placed second and take a lead architect Al.Orascu works.

Eastern façade is represented by six tall columns set on a stone pedestal. Panel from the attic scene is represented in bas-relief "Meeting God" and the western facade is crowned with a drum that appears in the image of St. George, surrounded by columns and a gable roof is decorated with fleurons arcuit.Coama zinc and stylized crosses and the four towers and monumental charm completes the building.

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