Mineralogy Museum Baia Mare - details and images

Mineralogical Museum in Baia Mare is located on Traian Blvd. 8 and hosts an exhibition held on the 900 square meters, which showcases more than 1,000 mineral samples, rocks and fossils. In other deposits institution is 15,000 pieces.

Name informal cultural prominence through excellence and is widely Museum of mine flowers. "Chunk is a mineral sample collected from underground monomineral or multi-mineral, possessing special aesthetic qualities thanks: concreşterii crystals, colors, shapes, sizes exception of some crystal components, which are totally individual piece be better than the other "(Victor Gorduza - director of the institution).

Downstairs, the exhibition presents basic geological composition of the North-West Romania, systematic and hydrothermal mineral deposits of nonferrous metals on the frame Oas-Gutai mountains south and from Ţibleş and Borsa-Viseu area.

Upstairs, the exhibition area contains the most impressive songs, poetry and full of color, wrapped in an ambience that creates a music file-melos syncretism favorable place of high cultural actions - this event is held annually awards " Books of the Year ", organized by the county branch of the Writers Union of Romania.

Representative items:

* Stibina of Baiut and Baia-Sprie of Herja Galena, Sprie berernonit of Baia, the barite and Cavnic Sprie Baia, the Ilba vivianite, caps and Cavnic Săsar pink, white and black Herja gypsum, quartz or Baia Cavnic -Sprie Sprie stibine of Baia and Baiut etc.

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