Miorita Fountain - Bucharest - details and images

Mioriţa Fountain is a monument in Bucharest, Bucharest-Ploiesti Highway, in front of the Folk Art Museum Dr. Nicholas Minovici. The construction was executed by the architect Octav Doicescu plans, which is decorated with mosaics are made of Militia monument Petrascu. These mosaics are an illustration of Mioriţa ballad, ballad name was borrowed for the name of the monument. Fountain Mioriţa exhibition was inaugurated on the occasion of
Bucharest month in the year 1936 was held between the Arc de Triomphe and the passage of railway near Vila Mina Minovici.

The monument is made of granite and Dobrogea is formed from a pool of large-scale elliptical, large diameter of 50 m and 20 m. Little Fountain, located in the middle of the basin, consists of two walls and bulky parallel, having a length of 16 m, height 3.20 m and a width of 0.6 m. Between the two walls are built of stone slope, with a width of one meter, it ends with a crash two walls five meters.

The facades of the monument shows strips of black and white mosaic, set in stone, depicting scenes from Mioriţa ballad. On one side are depicted the three shepherds and three flocks of sheep and the other is represented Mioritza master wedding and death.

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