Monastery of the Archangel Michael - details and images

Located on the road between Aliki and Astris, after Thymonia Beach, near Livadi Beach, raised in a splendid area, on a steep cliff on the shore of the Aegean, the monastery is a pleasant destination for tourists passing through the area. In this monastery is kept part of a holy pyre (used to crucify Jesus). Just below the monastery, near the sea, there is a cave with holy water. During the Turkish occupation, despite their oppression, the faithful continued to visit the Archangel's church. The Turks, observing the faith of the people but also the miracles performed by the saint, sent some people to destroy the monastery. One of them dared to enter the church and "pollute" the holy water that had been flowing here for many years. At that moment he was woken by the saint and died, while the fountain disappeared from the temple. Since then holy water flows through the rocks. It is said that anyone who has a health problem and drinks a little water from here gets healthy. The monastery is a branch of the Holy Philotheos Monastery on Mount Athos. It is the largest and most famous monastery in Thassos. The monastery has undergone many attempts over time, but at the source of aghiasma many diseases have been cured, even incurable.

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