Monument "Last Grenade" - details and images

Monument located between Church and Royal train station was built in 1928 by Otto papermill care employer Schiel. The statue was dedicated hero Corporal Vasile Musat, fell in WWI. It sculptor Dumitru Barlad and grenade throwing is on corporal enemy camp with his right hand that's more all right frames.

Corporal Musat was born in 1890 in the village of Royal - Arges. He was part of a battalion of the regiment, two border guards who have the task pazirii Susai mountain border sector between Predeal and Prahova Valley. He fought around Brasov and Olt Valley to Caineni. He was wounded in battle several times, but ruled by a noble sense of patriotism, refused to leave behind the lines. Transferred to a unit in the Vrancea Mountains, was wounded in his left arm continued to participate in battle and throw grenades with the healthy arm. He died heroically in the battles of the Oituz

At the inauguration monument on September 9, 1928, to HM Queen Mary herself took part, accompanied by his entire royal suite.

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