Mountain Spring Dam (Bicaz) - details and images

Mountain Dam, with a height of 127 meters, a length of 435 m and a maximum width of 119 m is based on the largest dam weight (on the rivers of Romania inland, behind the Iron Gates I) and third of the highest dams in Romania. Also is the 9th-century dam weight as high in Europe. In its conclusion, namely 1961, was the 4th of gravity dam, the height of Europe.

It connects the mountain with Obcina Gicovanu Horst. He is not one piece but is made up of 30 separate plots by input feathered joints sealed concrete and sheets of copper. Its body is crossed miles of galleries, ventilation shafts, niches visit. Specially equipped rooms host drive systems and control, equipment tracking, monitoring seismic behavior of each element.

Water accumulated in Mountain Lake is used to produce electricity at hydroelectric cetrala Stejaru common defiled, the aprox.15 km from the dam, to Piatra Neamt

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