Mountain Spring Lake - details and images

Mountain lake is 4 km from Bicaz, DN 15 to N, then 2 km on DL left. It is also known as Lake Bicaz and is the largest artificial lake (anthropogenic) arranged on the interior rivers in Romania. Located on the upper reaches of the river Bistrita, the lake was formed as a result of hydroelectric dam construction by the same name. Average perimeter of the lake is about 71 km.

Lake area varies depending on operating system, is full of water when the blade is up to the high dam, located at 516 m altitude and low (approx. 17 km) when it descends to the mouth of the inlet water supply channel, located at 434 m altitude.
Average perimeter of the lake is about 71 km.

Lake Fauna consists of barbel, chub, huck, broad snout, moioaga, roach, trout indigenous lake trout and rainbow trout, bleak, pig, bream. Here there is a trout farm (Potoci).
In 1993 the famous JY Cousteau, along with a part of his team for a few days before Potoci resort, where he made several dives in Lake Bicaz.
The port can be arranged in the vicinity of the dam by boat cruise on the lake or you can rent boats, hydro-bikes.

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