Mud Volcanoes - details and images

There are around 1,100 muddy volcanoes around the globe, and in Europe there are very few muddy volcanoes on the continent, such as those in Azerbaijan, but there are many below the seas, such as the muddy volcanoes in Norwegian waters, the seas. Caspian and Barents. Outside Europe, similar phenomena can be observed in Siberia, Australia and the Caribbean island of Trinidad.
Nature has endowed the hills and mountains of the Carpathian Curve with unique wonders, and the Muddy Volcanoes of Buzau County are perhaps the most eloquent example.
The most famous mud volcanoes are Pâclele Mari because they cover 15 hectares, and Pâclele Mici covers 10 hectares, both included in the list of natural monuments from 1924.

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