Museum electricity and glaciers worldwide - details and images

The museum is located near hydroelectric Mooserboden electricity between the two dams of reservoirs in Kaprun Alpine. The museum has two sections: one devoted to electricity, another dedicated ice (water from alpine glaciers fill the tanks and helps form of electricity).

Entrance to the museum is free, but to get there you pay a ticket (for Kaprun Alpine reservoirs).

You can find information about the history of hydropower, in 1930 and until it was finished in 1950. You can see the different instruments used 50 years ago.

At the museum dedicated to the glaciers, you can admire from inside a glacier "built" specifically for this museum and you can see the numerous displays information about how they occur and how glaciers evolve in this area of Austria. This museum is very interesting especially for children who can learn new things in a very pleasant.

At the entrance you find a souvenir shop and a small terrace, where you can admire one of the two lakes.

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