Museum of Archaeology Callatis Mangalia - details and images

The first archaeological research at Mangalia were taken by C. Butculescu followed topometru Pamfil Polonic engineer, who worked under the direction of Gregory Tocilescu.

At all the construction work for foundations Mangalia traces of the city's distant past. The one who first noticed the damage to the heritage of the town itself was the "father of archeology Romanian, Vasile Parvan. Great History Romanian first excavations began in Dobrogea (Histria Ulmetum, Tomis and Callatis) in the years 1915 to 1920 and first applied to the practical measures museology in Mangalia. This marked the birth of the first core of the city historical museum.

After the First World War, the Commission of Historical Monuments and National Museum of Antiquities Department in Bucharest Delegate Theodore him to build core Sauciuc-Saveanu archaeological objects stored in a room at subprefecture Mangalia. On 15 September 1924, historian T. Saveanu Sauciuc-core open a museum on the premises of an old Greek church.

During the communist period was busy pace of construction, destroying archaeological artifacts found in the path. To curb this phenomenon, Mangalia archaeologists are sent with great authority, came into existence in 1959 so the current museum director is Basil Canarache. Section of the National Museum of History and Archaeology in Constanţa, 1990 after the institution becomes self-standing cultural unity under the leadership of the late Valerică Georgescu. In 1994, the Museum of Archaeology "Callatis" Mangalia was inaugurated in its current form.

Entering the museum building construction is done in the style of ancient Greek, specific buildings imitating the Greek civilization. The permanent exhibition consists of objects antique Greek, Roman, Roman-Byzantine civilization and products of the Dacians in the neighboring town of Mangalia, Albeşti.
Museum of Archaeology "Callatis" varnishes regular temporary exhibitions, in which researchers are at work and meuzeografilor mangalieni results.

Also, during various important events in the history of local, national and European museum's main hall is the place of cultural and scientific events attended by pupils and teachers, scientists and culture in Mangalia, Constanta and other municipalities, local officials and the public.

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