Museum of Art - Satu Mare - details and images

The building which now houses the art department of the County Museum, was built in the second half of the nineteenth century, Gothic style, was declared a monument of history and architecture - the city known as "house Vecsey.

On this land is located in an eighteenth century building which served as a repository of the city of Satu Mare. In this building peace was signed in 1711 in Satu Mare, following the defeat of the rebellion of Francis II Rakoczy. Planimetry shaped building has an "L" is composed of two different bodies architectural style from different periods of construction.
In place of these two buildings was an old building with a floor with a portal of entry framed by an arch in the very center, belonging to the city of Satu Mare.

In 1798, Baron bought Vecsey baroque building carried out in the shape of "L" having an open corridor with semicircular arches. Today, a body is preserved in this building, which is held the oldest civil building in the city kept.
In 1842 the building was built in Gothic style body, with one floor. The facade is constructed of two ogival openings representing nine books on the ground floor access doors, of which only one in the center is operational, and upstairs, symmetrical, simple frames enclosed by windows, except the central window, above the entrance gate is enclosed in a frame-brace, over the top with a stylish fleurons the Gothic manner.

The picture of the building is balanced, a monumental addition to giving him a central triangular pediment suprasituat upstairs window with a circular opening which is fitted with a grating polilobat. The vaulting is different: a sail, semi cylindrical or flat. Later in the side yard added a body designed to accommodate the staircase.

The main exhibition of the art section of the County Museum includes works of fine art representing artistic figures of our century Romanian Henri masts, Dumitru ice, Eustatic Stoenescu Iser, Corneliu Baba, Aurel pinch, Peter Abrudan, Stephen Smith, Jozsef Bene Ion Sima, Ion Jalea, Ion Irimescu Vida Geza, Vlasiu Ion Ovidiu Maitec and sătmărenii Aurel Popp and Paul Erdos. The collection also includes works by prominent representatives from the Baia Mare Artistic Centre and: Sandor Ziffer, Andreas Mikola, Geza Kadar, Eugene Pascal, etc. Hugo Mund. Contemporary fine art collection includes works of famous artists as John Sălişteanu, John Peace, Pili Constantin, Ion Gheorghiu, Vasile Kazar, Octav Grigorescu, Marcel Chirnoaga Brad Covaliu, Basil Dobrian, Paulovics Laszlo Gabor Toros and many others as well many artists in Satu Mare.

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