Museum of History and Art - Bucharest - details and images

Museum of History and Art has its headquarters in Bucharest and Sutu Palace is located near "ground zero" of Romania on the Bratianu Blvd # 2, in particular the residence of the great Gregory Sutu C. Chamberlain, which was built in 1833.

Inauguration own - called the museum took place on 22 November 1931, in this first - minister Nicolae Iorga, the mayor and the Dem I. Dobrescu Corbescu former mayors and Emil Petrescu Gh.
Heritage museum in 1940 already contains 4330 pieces. Unfortunately summer exhibition of the museum the same year work was stopped because of improper conditions of the premises of the Calea Victoriei, 117.

The various moves of Headquarters House Stirbei Moruzi street no.34, no.47 Stirbei, Calea Victoriei nr.115, common Rosnic (Dolj county) during the war, sauce. Kiselev, Bd Lascar Catargiu limited largely museological and scientific work of the staff of specialists. In 1956, the museum received the JI office Bratianu Blvd Sutu Palace No.2.
Built between 1833 - 1835, led by architects Johann Veit and Schwinek Conrad, Sutu Palace stands out by neo-Gothic style, spatiality and inspired interior dome given by solving the central hall (1862) due to sculptor Karl Storck.

Bucharest Museum was reopened in its new local on 23 January 1959, the eve of the centenary of the Union principalities.
By aggregating History Museum with the Museum of Art (founded as part of the Municipal Museum in 1933) was founded in 1984 by Art and History Museum of Bucharest in December 1999 became the Museum of Bucharest.
The museum holds nearly 400,000 objects and preserves from archaeological research, donations and purchases made with funds provided each year by City Hall.

Polling evidence, heritage preservation and processing works in the building on Calea Victoriei 151, known as Cesianu house. Here there is the institution's database of over 15,000 sheets of houses, streets, squares and monuments demolished during the communist period.

Personalities of historiography and research direction of the museum honored: Dr. George Severeanu archaeologist Dinu V. Rosetti, Professor, Univ. Dr. Panait I. Panait, Dr. Vasile Ionel Ionita Boroneanţ and current director.

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