National Archaeological Reserve Yailata - details and images

Yailata National Archaeological Reserve is situated 2 km from Kamen Bryag in the south and 18 km from Kavarna, north-east. It is a seaside area covering 45 hectares and three seconded 50-60 meters high with a chain of massive rocks.

Here there is a''town''with''101 caves''apartments, dating back beyond the fifth century BC Three cemeteries (tombs of the family) III-IV century have been carved into the rocks. A dating before epuca Byzantine stronghold is located north of the reserve, built in the late V. A gate-tower and four towers are partially preserved. There is also a sanctuary, sacrificial stones, wineries and four tombs carved into the rock, which has been preserved since ancient times. During the Middle Ages, the caves were used as a monastery complex. There are some proto-Bulgarian signs their walls, stone crosses and icons.

Zone "Yailata" is an archeological reserve in 1989 by a resolution of the Ministerial Council of Bulgaria. It covers a relatively large area of coastline from the village of Kamen Bryag in the north and south reaches the resort Rusalka. There are many archaeological monuments on the territory belonging to different historical epochs, from VI millennium BC until the eleventh century. Regular archaeological excavations were made in early 1980.

Yailata name, of Turkish origin,''translated as''high pastures.

Legend says that the Roman poet Ovid spent his last days here in the city of Tomis exiled by Emperor Augustus. His friends saved him from a ship Tomis. Ovidius took refuge in Yailata.

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