National Park Semenic Caras Gorge - details and images

Semenic National Park - Caras Gorge is located in the south western Romania with an area of 36,214 ha, and natural elements including special physical aspect of geography, flora, hydrological, geological and spelunking. In the national park area includes a total of eight nature reserves, conservation areas established in strictly protected species, which are prohibited in all forms of exploitation and use of natural resources, and all forms of land use incompatible with the purpose of protection and / or conservation.
The 8 special conservation areas are: Caras Gorge - 3089.9 ha (mixed type), Sources Nera - 4852.8 ha (forest type), Gorges Garlistei - 602.6 ha (mixed type), Sources Caras - 1408.1 ha (mixed type), Buhui - 218.1 ha (mixed type), Cave Comarnic - 26.9 ha's (spelunking), Cave Popov - 4.5 hectares (type spelunking), Cave Buhui - 28.6 ha's (spelunking).

Great diversity of fauna in PNSCC once again proves the existence of natural habitats least affected by human activity.
Lizard of foliage (Ablepharus kitaibelii): It is the smallest of the lizards in Romania, mxim measuring 13 cm. The head and feet are small and the body is covered with tiny scales and shiny. The main feature is that it shows the eyelid, resembling in this regard with snakes. It has a metallic brown, like bronze and darker stripes on the sides shows. It can often be found in dry, sunny slopes, bushes, lawns, rare woods, etc.. There is an animal more quickly withdrew mail and live in places with dense vegetation.
Among other species of reptiles found in the park include the famous sand viper (Vipera ammodytes), wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) - the most common lizard species in Romania.

Acvifauna PNSCC cuibaitoare species is represented in the park and numerous migratory species. You can meet:
- Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) serparul (Circaetus qallicus) swallows falcon (Falco subbutoo) Buha (Carbuncle Carbuncle), black stork (Ciconia nigra), white-backed woodpecker (Dendropos leucatos), small biting (Ficedula Parva) ,
Mammalian fauna includes a total of 10 common species in general all mountain chains and is represented by:
- Carpathian deer (Cervus elephus), bear (Ursula arctos), wild boar (Sus scrafa), deer (Carpreolus carpreolus), wolf (capes lupus), lynx (Lynx lynx), splbatica cat (Felis sylvestis), marten (Martes Marty) , squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), fox (Vulpes vulpes)

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