New Mosque - Constanta - details and images

Construction was begun in 1910 on the initiative of King Charles I, in homage to the Muslim community in the city of Constanta. The works were completed in 1912. The inauguration took place in the presence of the king. Originally called Charles Mosque, was later renamed Mosque Mahmud II.
However, currently, a Muslim believers call "KRAL camisi" or "King Mosque".

The building was made after Eng Gogu Constantinescu plans, under the guidance of architect Victor Stefanescu, taking as a model Mosque Konya in Anatolia, Turkey. The building was made of reinforced concrete, the Egyptian-Byzantine style, with some Romanian architectural reasons. The first reinforced concrete building built in Romania. Mosque stands on the former mosque Mahmudia 1822. The tower, built in Moorish style, has a height of 47 meters, and the staircase are 140 steps up to slot muezzin, where they announce the hour of prayer in the past.

Mosque has a beautiful mural inside. The interior houses a famous Oriental rug, received the donation from Turkey. It comes from Ada Kaleh and has existed for over 200 years. Carpet impresses with its size (9m x 16 m, total 144 meters) and weight over 490 kg. This massive carpet, handmade in the famous crafts center Herek, Turkey, was owned by Sultan Abdul Hamid.

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