Nicu Enea Memorial House - Bacau - details and images

The building where the memorial exhibition was Nicu Enea was built in 1926, owner George Palosanu being father Aeneas Elvira. In this house wife Elvira and Nicu Enea lived during 1929 - 1960, inscribed and information plate on the façade of the house, which proves that Heritage Site.

In November 1968 Enea Elvira make an offer of donation which includes property, adjacent land, 130 paintings, 210 graphic works, furniture and objects that belonged to the painter Nicu Enea, donation accepted by the County during the month of May 1969 Culture . After arranging the house in December 1970 in the month it opens to the public, acting as custodian Elvira Enea.

Collection 'Nicu Enea is made up of works and objects donated. Of all the works that make up the collection, 54 paintings are exhibited in three rooms of the house plus furniture, personal objects of the painter and made a few small art works by Nicholas Enea.

The permanent exhibition offers the visitor the possibility of learning the work of Nicu Enea (1897-1960) overlaps whose temporal and spiritual affirmation of one of the most fertile and troubling period in the history of Romanian art, the interwar period.

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