Oradea Baroque Palace - details and images

On 23 May 1762, according to existing documents, has laid the stone foundation of the Baroque Palace, for the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oradea. Austrian architect Franz Anton Hillebrandt (1719 - 1797) took over the yard though, initially, the Italian architect Giovanni Battista Ricci was appointed to this role.

For 15 years, ending in 1777, amounted to Oradea, a U-shaped palace, which is developed on three levels crowned by a broken roof, specifically for the Austrian Baroque.

The main facade, decorated with pilasters done in symmetrical ionic capitals, wreaths and folds, that are putting in value, with a unique distinction, the gateways and windows inward from the floor, finished on top of the risalit a triangular pediment.

Palace interiors impressive by decorative sobriety an spatial organization rigor, features that are found present in the central hall and first floor building layout reference, to which access is through a monumental scale. Here's the festive hall, imposing by volum and painted decorations due Storno Francis (1879), Renaissance inspired and the Palace Chapel, who keeps home paintings signed by Bavarian painter, Johann Nepomouk Schöph. This, on the ceiling of the chapel, reconstructs by drawing a well-tempered expressive and colorful sky, and the canvas above the altar of St. Charles Boromaeus play theme praying during the plague epidemic, both paintings, ennobling that auditorium.

With regard to the first floor rest rooms, they are individualized through decorative solutions and ambiental interior in Austrian Baroque manner: pilasters are done in Corinthian capitals, stucco of a remarkable diversity of ornamental shapes, glazed tile stoves that are distinguished by their unique and aesthetic proportions, with colored marble clad fireplace.

The organization plans, and the decorative point of view of the ground floor and second floor is under the sign of simplicity and functionality. The palace is a benchmark for the European Baroque.

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