Oradea Unirii Square - details and images

The northeastern part of the Union Square is marked by the building of the Black Vulture Palace, the most emblematic monument of the secession of Oradea, a complex ensemble with the spatial configuration and the façades designed in the lechnerian style, the work of the architects Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső.
The western front is dominated by two representative buildings: the City Hall built in the neo-Renaissance style, in 1901-1904 following the project of the architect Kálmán Rimanóczy, and the Palace of the Greek Catholic Bishopric, erected between 1903-1905 according to the plans of the same architect. The Kovács house, located on the south-east corner between Pavel street and Unirii Square, is the most remarkable civil building built at the beginning of the 19th century, in neoclassical style.

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