Phaestos Palace - details and images

Phaestos Palace is located 60 kilometers southwest of the city of Heraklio. Formerly one of the most important cities on the island was ruled by King Radamanthys according to legend, Minos's brother and son of Zeus.

The region has been inhabited since the Neolithic period and was maximal expansion have two ports, Matala and Knossos, highly developed commercial centers. The heyday of the city have to end tragically in the second century BC on, when the city was destroyed Phaestos Gortys rival.

Only in 1900 several representatives of the Italian School of Archaeology began excavations in the area, managed to bring back to light what was left of the impressive building. The discovery was that instead of the palace was destroyed in 1700 BC built another, with an area of ​​no less than 18,000 square meters. Unfortunately it was destroyed in 1450 BC, probably due to a volcanic eruption in Thera. Today is still preserved ruins of deposits, partially altar, several water tanks, workshops and royal rooms.

The most important archaeological discovery made here was the so-called disk Phaestos today exhibited at the Archaeological Museum.

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